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Web slings or Synthetic slings as they're sometimes called, have become a staple in the rigging industry.  Their light weight, easy to use characteristics make them a very common and desired tool for lifting jobs.  These slings come in single ply up to 4-ply and are available in 1", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10" and 12".  The common configuration is flat eye, but there are other options available such as twisted eye, reversed eye, endless, and they are even available in wide lift configurations for lifting bundles of pipe or other types of bundled items that require a wide surface area for lifting. 

Looking at these slings their capacities can be deceiving, but they are very strong and the thicker the ply the stronger it is, but they must be protected against the elements.  Sun, rain, chemicals, oils, and especially sharp objects can shorten the lifespan of a web sling with one swipe, so it is very important to store them correctly and protect them from sharp objects.  Wear pads are avialable to help with all of these elements, so be sure to request those when ordering.  Need special tagging?  Would you like your logo and your name to appear on the rating tag?  We can do that too !  Just ask - 

Our knowledgeable Coca Sales representative is ready to help you with your web sling choice.


All web slings are manufactured in our facility in Baker, LA using webbing made in the USA. 

Coca Sales manufactures all web slings in accordance with the rules and recommendations set forth by the Web Sling and Tie Down association. 

Click on this link to visit their website to learn more..

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