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Coca Sales is a proud Crosby distributor.  Our focus on quality products and superior service is echoed in our relationship with The Crosby Group.  The McKissick blocks by Crosby are some of the best quality in the world and we are pleased to be able to offer them to you.  Since The Crosby Group acquired Gunnebo Johnson Block, the choices of blocks have increased.  From construction blocks, snatch blocks, lay down blocks, and hay fork pulleys, Coca Sales can help you find the block you need.

Coca Sales not only stocks various sizes and styles of blocks, but we can repair them as well.  If your block isn't in good working order your job will suffer.  Let us help you find the correct block for your job, or let us inspect and repair your existing block.  Whatever your block needs, Coca Sales is your solutions provider.


Crosby tends to lead the rigging industry in many product categories, and blocks are one of them. Most imported blocks are designed after popular Crosby models, but there's no substitute for quality. The Snatch Block is the most popular block by far in the industry.  The 418 Light Champion Snatch Blocks w/ Hook are made from forged steel with alloy, heat-treated hooks. They are available in many different sizes to accommodate different wire rope diameters. Choose between bronze bushings or roller bearings. All models are equipped with pressure lube fittings, and sizes 4-1/2" and larger are RFID equipped.  The same block, except with a shackle fitting, is the 419 Light Champion Snatch Blocks w/ Shackle. Double sheave models are also available.  If you're looking for a larger capacity and wire line size look for the 420 Champion, the 430 Super Champion, or the 434 High Capacity Alloy blocks with hooks.

If a shackle is preferred look for the 421, 431. and 435 

In addition to the most popular series of snatch blocks, Crosby makes the 680 Series Construction Block.  These blocks are available from 5 ton to 100 tons and larger, with sheave size 6" to 24" that will accommodate wire line from 3/8" up to 1-1/4".  They are made of forge steel, with quenched and tempered shackles.  All 680 Series blocks are furnished standard with bronze bushings and have a design factor of 4:1.  All 16" and larger are made with McKissick roll forged steel sheaves with flame hardened grooves.  The sheaves are lubricated through the center pin.  All single sheave 680 series blocks have a thimble dead end. 


Crosby makes a multitude of styles of other blocks too, both from their McKissick line or their Western & Marine line. Styles include regular snatch blocks, Blocks for Manila Rope, Tilt-Up Wall Blocks and complete E-Z reeve crane blocks. As an authorized Crosby distributor, we can provide up-to-the-minute pricing and availability on ALL Crosby products, so please contact us if we can help you with choosing a block.  

For more styles click on the pictures to reference the Crosby website.




For smaller jobs, Coca Sales also offers a line of lighter duty smaller sheaves and blocks.  These sheaves and blocks are mainly used for light weight applications and fit wire line sizes 1/8" up to 3/8".  Contact us for more information on these made in the USA products.

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