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Coca Sales carries a variety of chain hoists manufactured by multiple different companies and offering multiple price points.  From the top of the line domestic hoists made by Columbus McKinnon to quality imported options from Elephant hoists and JET Tools, Coca Sales can offer you a hoist for all budgets.  Many don't realize that the majority of the hoists on the market today are imported.  Some hoist companies will assemble their hoists here in the USA, but the parts are all made out of the country.  The only company that makes a 100% domestic chain hoist is Columbus McKinnon.  CM has consistently provided the industry with quality products as well as a wide range of hoists - they offer a quality imported line as well.  The Chester and Cyclone hoists and their parts are made and assembled here in the USA.  Whether you're needing a manual chain hoist, lever hoist (come-along), electric, pneumatic hoists or a trolley, Coca Sales can supply it.  Contact a sales representative today for more information and pricing.

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