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Since 1969 Coca Sales has been serving both the industrial and private sectors with some of the finest products in the industry. Just name it, Coca Sales probably has it! From shackles, clips, turnbuckles and hooks, to web slings and round slings, wire rope slings and winchlines, tarpaulins, tie-down straps or specialty bags and covers -- Coca Sales either stocks it or can make it.

Give us your specifications and we'll custom-manufacture your order in our own fabricating facilities. We make specialty slings made from chain, synthetic webbing, and wire rope in multi-leg, braided or multi-ply; plus tarpaulins and specialty covers that fit everything from the backyard pool to the most demanding industrial application.


We maintain a comprehensive inventory of rigging hardware, as well as a unique inspection and repair service for chain hoists, crane blocks, and overhaul balls. We also have the most complete Tube & Hose Fabrication Center. We can duplicate virtually any tube or hose in Metric or American while you wait!


Whatever your request, we'll do our best to give you the product you ask for at the fairest price. We guarantee it!


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