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Endless Round slings have grown increasingly popular in the last 10-15 years in the rigging industry, and it's easy to see why - These slings are color coded for quick capacity recognition, they are soft, pliable, and light weight and experience very little elongation at capacity.  They are manufactured from a continuous loop of high tensile strength polyester yarn and encased in a smooth double wall protective cover.  Each sling can be made into and eye to eye configuration, or it can be braided for those really heavy lifts. 

Endless round slings are popular in the field because they conform to the load that is being lifted, because of this, they are quite often used in the choke position.  Keep in mind though, like the flat web sling, these round slings need to be protected when lifting sharp objects or items that will damage the outer cover.  Removable wear pads are available for the endless round slings, just ask your Coca Sales representative about them today !

RoundSling Chart.jpg
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