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In order to maintain your safety and the safety of others, your equipment should be routinely inspected to assure that it is safe for use. This includes wire rope, slings, hardware, and hoists.

At Coca Sales, we take your rigging and subject it to a thorough inspection check list, checking for any major damage or flaws, to make sure it is safe for continued use. We follow OSHA and ANSI guidelines for removal criteria.  All items that pass the visual inspection are given serial numbers, pull-tested and, upon your request, receives a new certification paper/proof of test.

On-site visual sling inspections as well as informal sling inspection classes are available as well.  

Inspection & Recertification


Inspection Frequency per ASME B30.26


Rigging Equipment for material handling shall be inspected prior to use on each shift and as necessary during its use to ensure that it is safe.  Defective rigging equipment shall be removed from service. 

Refer to OSHA/ANSI guidelines for removal criteria.

Repair or Replacement

If your equipment fails its initial inspection with us, we provide repair services as well. Once we determine the cause of the inspection failure we make the decision to either repair the damaged equipment or replace it and consult with you accordingly. We also work with local servicers that repair hydraulic cylinders.

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