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Unloading Spout

Whether you’re loading or stacking bulk grain, rice, or other dry materials, according to the Department of Environmental Quality, you are required to use a dust suppression material to minimize particulates escaping into the environment.  The most common way to offload dry goods is with a spout, telescoping or stationary or an unloading chute.  To further protect the environment  a shroud is used to cover the chutes or the spouts that will be handling any dry material you need to move. Coca Sales makes shrouds per your specifications.  They are ideal for radial stacking or loading into railroad cars, trucks, ships, barges, containers and barrels. Coca Sales' shrouds help you move powdered chemicals, cements, grain products, sand, gravel, coal or any other dry bulk material–with minimal dust escaping into the environment.

Made from a special fabric and internal collapsible rings, our shrouds are flexible and are custom made per your specifications, so that custom fit ensures less particulate and dust escaping. 


According to Louisiana DEQ:

    • A shroud should be used to confine emissions due to outdoor abrasive blasting.

    • The shroud should:

      • Be placed as close to immediate blast area as possible to prevent dispersion of dust before it meets the shroud.

      • Have overlapping seams to prevent leakage of particulate matter, and

      • Have a shade factor of 80 percent or greater; and

      • Be repaired if there are any tears that are greater than one foot in length before blasting commences.

For more information on our shrouds and requirements, please contact Coca Sales today !

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