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If you've been in the rigging industry for any length of time, chances are you've used wire rope.  Wire Rope has been the go-to standard for years when planning heavy lifts and expecting consistent results.  There are so many choices out there now, how do you know which wire rope to use?  There are multiple classes and types of wire rope available; 6x19, 6x36, 8x19, compacted, swaged, 7x19 galvanized and stainless steel, and Coca Sales has you covered - with years of combined experience in the rigging industry, we have professionals that can help you choose the correct wire rope for your job.  With each application, your choices can vary and the process of choosing what works best, what is designed best, can be overwhelming.  We partner with the best in the business.  WireCo World Group is the premier domestic wire rope manufacturer in the world.  Their product line is second to none and they pay attention to what is going on in the industry.  The only thing constant in this industry is change and they are constantly creating products and improving on the old to stay ahead of the changes and address the issues affecting the industry today.  As a team, we provide the customer with the support they need and the right wire rope for the job every time.  We also partner with other distributors but at Coca Sales, domestic, made in the USA is our priority, especially when big lifts are concerned.


Whatever the job, however important, let Coca Sales help you with your wire rope needs.

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