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The rigging industry is an ever-changing business - some people say that the only 'constant' in this business is change - so Coca Sales strives to stay informed on new products, and more importantly, we communicate with our customers to assess their needs and their concerns related to new products and product manufacturing.  Our main goal is to make sure our customers have the correct tools to do their jobs safely and efficiently.  By doing so, we will stock or manufacture specialty products that our customers use on an everyday basis, or on special jobs where odd/uncommon rigging items are needed.  For more information on the products mentioned or to request a special manufactured item, just contact one of our knowledgeable sales staff.




Wire Rope Ladders or 'down hole ladders' as they're sometimes called, are a specialty item made right here in our shop in Baker, LA.  The standard ladder is 12"wide and generally has aluminum or steel rungs.  These ladders are tagged with their capacity and made from 5/16" galvanized wire rope.  These ladders can be made in various links and have thimble eyes on each end to attach a shackle or secure to a stationary object.  Coca Sales also makes web ladders as well.  Made with either wooden dowels for rungs or aluminum, these ladders are easy to roll up and carry with you around the jobsite.  Generally they are lighter weight than the wire rope ladders, but of course, cannot withstand the harsh environments as well as the wire rope ladders will.  Keep in mind that the rungs can be made longer as well, just let us know your requirements and we can make it!



Spreader beams are designed to add stability and safety to your lift. Two pick points gives much more balance than one pick point, and often times a spreader beam is the right device to use for your lift, especially when precision is needed or the particular lift is more more critical. Just like all things rigging, there are many styles and designs to choose from - fixed length or adjustable (telescoping) models to name just a couple.  You can order beams with top rigging, or no rigging at all if you already have slings and rigging on site.  Coca Sales can custom make a spreader beam to suit your needs - just give us your specifications and we can make a certified beam specifically for you.  

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