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Plate Clamps are used for lifting, pulling, turning, moving, or transferring sheets, plates, beams, and other fabrications vertically or horizontally.  There are many different styles of plate clamps.  From 1/2 ton capacity to up to 30 tons, the IP Universal Plate Clamp is the most popular style.  As its name states, it is universal, with a full 180 degree turning range.  It has locking capabilities and the hinged hoisting eye allows for the clamp to place a load from any direction without side-loading.  The IPU10 can be attached to multi-leg slings as can the Horizontal Lifting Clamp. 

This clamp has a pretension feature that allows the user to attach to the material for horizontal lifting and transfer of non-sagging material.  These clamps are to be used in pairs and they have a working load limit from 1/2 ton to 12 tons per pair. 

The Screw Positioning Clamps are to be use for positioning only - no lifting allowed.  They are available in 1.5 tons and 3 tons.  As you can see from the photo on the right there are many more styles of plate clamps to choose from. 

For more information call your Coca Sales rep or click on the photo on the right.  --->

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