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Coca Sales, Inc. Services

In order to remain compliant with OSHA and ANSI and maximize safety on the job, it is required that all rigging and lifting equipment be properly stored and maintained.  Maintenance includes routine inspections and repairs if applicable.  

Let Coca Sales help you stay compliant with our thorough inspection and pull-testing program.  All inspections in the shop and on-site follow the guidelines set forth by OSHA and ANSI.  In our shop in Baker, we visually inspect each sling, wire rope, synthetic, chain, as well as block, chain hoists etc. to determine if there is any damage or cause for failure.  If the item passes visual inspection, it is pull tested to 2x its rated capacity, given a serial number and tagged.  Certification of pull test documentation is provided per your request.  


It is in the guidelines that ' a competent person' using the equipment must inspect the rigging before each use so it is always a good idea to educate your employees on what to look for when inspecting their rigging.  That's why Coca Sales offers informal training in sling inspection and removal to help keep your employees up to speed and competent. 


Stay safe and call Coca Sales to help you properly maintain your rigging equipment.

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