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Over a quarter million people in the industrial rigging industry suffer serious hand injuries each year making them the most recordable injuries in the industry.  Most of these injuries occur when workers' hand or fingers get caught between objects that they are trying to move or position into place.  Coca Sales is proud to offer an expansive line of Hands Free Tools that keep workers' hands off and away from potential injury areas.  These innovative tools are to be utilized for lifting, guiding, and handling objects suspended overhead, or on the ground, and maneuvering suspended loads, drill pipes, baskets, and cargo.  They have already proven to be valuable in preventing hands and fingers from injuries due to pinch points and crushing.

At Coca Sales, we are always looking for ways to provide solutions to help our customer complete their jobs efficiently and, more importantly, safely.  We are the only rigging shop in the area to carry the line of Hands Free Tools.  We are very aware of the potential for hand and finger injuries and by offering our customers a hands free option we hope to help decrease and maybe even, eliminate these highly recorded injuries.  For more information about our line of Hands Free Tools, please contact one of our sales representatives.

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