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Eyebolts are everywhere in the rigging industry as well as in everyday use.  Everywhere you look, you are likely to find one.  There are basically 3 types of eyebolts that are commonly used.  The first is a standard non-shoulder REGULAR PATTERN EYEBOLT.  These are used in everyday jobs from industrial to residential and are utilized for applications where there is no heavy lifting involved.  The second option is a SHOULDER PATTERN EYEBOLTBecause of the shoulder pattern these can be used for lifting, but be careful not to side-load these eyebolts, they are not made for loads exceeding 45 degrees, but the MACHINERY EYEBOLT is another story.  These sturdy eyebolts are made for lifting and are made to withstand side-loading.  Standard and shoulder pattern eyebolts have longer shank lengths available, whereas the machinery eyebolts are shorter in length and are fully threaded.  Coca Sales carries a variety of sizes and styles of eyebolts with a larger focus on the machinery eyebolts.  Contact us for more information.

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