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Grade 100 Alloy chain is the only chain approved for overhead lifting.  It can be made in to slings for lifting, or can be used for load securement if you feel Grade 70 isn't strong enough.  Grade 80 alloy is also approved for overhead lifting, but in recent years the industry has shifted to using Grade 100 and all of the fittings that are used on alloy chain have been upgraded from grade 80 to 100.  Grade 100 Alloy chain has 25% higher working load limit when compared to Grade 80 and it doesn't cost much different to make.  It is available in one finish, a black coating for distinct appearance and ease of identification.  Each link should be stamped with the grade of alloy along with the manufacturer's mark.  Make sure you identify the grade of chain before lifting.  Coca Sales stocks drums of Grade 100 chain for your needs.  Contact one of our sales representatives for more information.

CHAIN GR80.jpg
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