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When you need to make a heavy lift or you need to distribute the load over multiple legs of a sling, you will probably see an oblong master link connecting them all together.  Made of high strength alloy steel, the master link comes in two different configurations; the single oblong and the sub-assembly.  The single oblong is most commonly used on 2 & 3 leg bridle slings in wire rope, webbing, or chain.  The Sub-assemblies are mostly used for 4 leg slings in all materials.  These links are sized by the diameter of the stock material and they are chosen based on the total capacity of the slings being used, and the actual size of the oblong itself.  On web bridle and wire rope bridle slings, the oblong must be large enough to accommodate the width of the material so that it does not bunch up in the oblong.  For the wire rope you need to make sure the thimble eyes of the slings sit in the oblong so they're not crowding each other.  There are things to consider when choosing the correct oblong or sub-assembly for your sling or winchline.  Let the experts at Coca Sales help you today. 

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The Crosby master links and sub-assemblies are unique to the industry.  There are 45 degree markings on the sides of the links that help keep the loads being lifted from exceeding the proper angle.  Quenched and tempered add to their strength and durability.  For more link options click on the photo below....

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