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Shackles are a staple in the rigging industry.  Like a hammer to a carpenter, the shackle is an essential tool to the industrial industry.  There are many different types of shackles to choose from, each with their own characteristics and use, but the most common shackles used are SCREW PIN ANCHOR (SPA) and SAFETY BOLT ANCHOR (SBA).  The Safety Bolt shackles are popular in areas or with lifts that require a secure or permanent connection.  The Screw Pin type is the easiest to remove and re-use in applications, so it is popular for jobs that require continuous removal and re-set.  Shackle size is determined by the diameter of the bail.  They can be ordered by the pin size, just make sure you specify that it's the pin size when ordering.  The tonnage on shackles can vary since some shackles are carbon steel and some are alloy.  Coca Sales carries a large inventory of both Screw Pin shackles and Safety Bolt shackles.  Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to help you decide what shackle works best for your needs. 


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