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Coca Sales stocks a large inventory of Crosby wire rope clips from sizes 1/8" through 2-1/2".  Standard U-Bolt 'saddle' clips are available up to size 3-1/2".  There is another style called a Fist Grip clip, but it's not very common to see them used.  Where a standard saddle type U-bolt clip is bolted down from one side, the bottom, the fist grip allows you to tighten the bolts from the top and bottom.  

Clips are offered in a very affordable malleable iron, but make sure you don't confuse these with drop forged clips, as they are not as strong and these are not made for lifting or made to withstand much tension on heavy duty jobs, they are made for temporary use only.  Whatever clips you need for your job, Coca Sales has you covered.  Call us at 225-775-8700 today.

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