Chains slings are very flexible and resistant to high temperature, great for use in machine shops, foundries, or anywhere that you will encounter harsh environments.  The talented personnel at Coca Sales can build a wide variety of chain sling options for use in many situations. Our chain slings are made from Grade 100 chain and fittings and are tagged with their ratings as well as serial #'s to provide proper documentation and tracing.  Certification papers and test papers are also included per your request.  From single leg, double leg, triple and quad, to adjustable with a wide variety of hooks, links and components, there are many configurations to choose from, and we can help you with them all.  Coca Sales also inspects, tests, tags and re-certifies your existing chain slings.  Just remember, grades 80 or grade 100 Alloy chain is the ONLY chain rated for overhead lifting !

Single leg slings can be differentiated by the type of end or hook used.  There are multiple options to choose from, so call Coca Sales to help you make a chain sling custom fitted for your specific needs.

Chain slings are offered with adjustable legs as well.  When requesting chain slings with adjustable legs, just add and 'A' to the beginning of the type. 

For example:  If you need a single leg chain sling with sling hooks and adjustable legs, ask for a ASOS.---->

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