When more than two legs are needed on a sling, a multi-leg sling should be utilized. These are typically best for extremely large or heavy loads.  These multi-leg slings can also be made adjustable either by using an Adjustable Link on the top, or by installing grab hooks alongside each leg (see photo below).  These options allow you to shorten the legs without losing sling strength; but keep in mind that for three or four-leg slings, weight distribution should be even among each leg. This ensures that the rated capacity is correct and the load is lifted safely.  Contact our knowledgeable sales staff at Coca Sales to help you design your chain sling.

Chain slings are offered with adjustable legs as well.  When requesting chain slings with adjustable legs, just add and 'A' to the beginning of the type. 

For example:  If you need a 4-leg chain sling with sling hooks and adjustable legs, ask for a AQOS.---->