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Since 1969, Coca Sales, Inc has been your Baton Rouge, Baker, and (newly) Gonzales, Rigging Supplier. Our professionals offer a variety of products and equipment for whatever your company or personal needs might be. We make and/or supply slings, wire rope, hoists, chains, soft rope, and hardware needed for heavy lifting jobs. We also provide hydraulic hoses needed to run your heavy machinery or your everyday tractor jobs. Lastly, we stock tarpaulins and covers to and protect all that equipment and machinery from the elements. Whether it's from our suppliers or made here at our warehouse, Coca Sales will offer the solution to your problems.

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Here at Coca Sales, Inc. we offer a variety of career opportunities in our rigging, sewing, and hose departments, and our sales team. We are always looking into potential applicants with the right expertise to help us to further serve our industry.




Our employees are the key facilitators to our forever pursuing goal of providing clients with quality services at competitive costs. Discover how working with Coca Sales will help you realize your full potential while helping others achieve theirs.



Coca Sales, Inc. Services

Inspection & Recertification

In order to maintain your safety and the safety of others, your equipment should be routinely inspected to assure that it is safe for use. We take your used equipment and put it through a thorough inspection, checking for any major damage or flaws, to make sure your equipment is safe for continued use. All passed equipment receives a new certification paper to confirm safe use. 

Load Testing

We load test all of our tagged slings to confidently say they are capable and safe to use at the capacities we give. Certification papers of the load test and the sling's rated capacity are provided upon request.

Repair or Replacement

If your equipment fails its initial inspection with us, we provide repair services as well. Once we determine the cause of the inspection failure we make the decision to either repair the damaged equipment or replace it and consult with you accordingly. We also work with local servicers that repair hydraulic cylinders.

Safety Training

We team up with our vendors to give safety training classes to make sure that you are prepared to use your equipment. Whether the equipment comes from us or not! Contact us for more information regarding the safety training we can provide.

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